Friday, February 13, 2015

simple usage Time::HiRes of the 'for execution time of child process

Hi All

some times we are required to control the time execution of the child sub program. This can be achieved use the  Time::HiRes

I have added the code snippet. Here  I have line the main program (line 9 ) to sleep for 30 sec.
But setup alarm timeout to 3 sec (line 4)  and trigger timeout after 3 sec and setup local variable $SIG{ALRM} to time out/

Thursday, December 4, 2014

flock - All u need to know abut file locking in perl

Some times we need control over  read and write over files operation. File locking comes for rescue.

Though Perl provide many function to control over  file locking operation. I found flock function is the best.

Perl monks has a great tutorial for flock and operation and usage . Simple usage  and operation number and their meaning.

  sub LOCK_SH { 1 } ## shared lock
  sub LOCK_EX { 2 } ## exclusive lock
  sub LOCK_NB { 4 } ## non-blocking
  sub LOCK_UN { 8 } ## unlock 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

all u need to know about perl unit testing

I have been using Test::Simple, I always wanted to know about Test::More

In the below talk James has been able to easily capture all important modules and function offered by them especially ok, is,  and like

Check out the video , 56 min worth spending :)


Monday, August 4, 2014

Thursday, June 19, 2014

RESTfull Love service Triangle

Hi All ,

 Today I will be writing little about RESTful api (Represntational state transfer) , kind of web service.Now day every  application (generally mobile application) and good website will provide one
of these services to the programer to interact more and develop application on top of it.

 So to start with REST u should be knowing these 3 terms (mug it) (also REST triangle)
1. noun

In rest , noun is URL identifier (eg. ).
Verb   is the action to be taken HTTP request method eg GET to read , POST to create, PUT to update and DELETE to delete.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why I have started prefering viber over skype on my linux box for messaging!!

Recently , I installed the viber on my linux machine (ubuntu 14.04) for my development box just enthusiastically and found the above my expectation  as compared  skype linux version.

Lets begins with the login , where I used my mobile no and it automatically synced my login to mobile contact. So for now onward I am getting into habit of messaging my friends on viber in place of whatsapp. That is a huge gap in skpye,  which identification element is your mail/ facebook login.

Next comes the gui, the gui of viber for the linux flavour is more friendly intuitive. I do not think any one will disagree on this (again I will highlight I am the linux version).

What left me in miserable state while using viber was about the call quality. I cant neither hear sound or my mic is working for viber , that is not the case for skype. (bug)

 Hope , viber development team will soon be resolving these issue.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

SQL Fiddle - Cloud way test your query and schema.

Most of the times, we are in need to validate our query with the test data for validation purpose and proof of concept.
Recently I came across the SQL Fiddle and got hooked to it to validate my query to match the expected results.

SQL Fiddle not only provide list of database including oracle and also a new cloud base tool to validate your query and sharing your schema over various forum